About Two Fools Vineyard







Several years ago, Carol and LeRoy Stumpf started their vineyard as a hobby with a love of the land and a few grape vines. That hobby has turned into a passion for growing grapes and making wine at their small farm vineyard and winery. They have put their faith in some of the best grape varieties developed by the University of Minnesota and legendary grape breeder, Elmer Swenson.





Two Fools Vineyard introduces a vineyard and winemaking to NW Minnesota where the summer sun is plentiful and the glacial “terra” is fertile. This combination creates the rich intense flavor in the grapes and berries grown here.


Two Fools Vineyard is Minnesota’s northern-most vineyard, so the cold-heartiness of these varieties is really being tested!

In addition to the grapes, Two Fools Winery will utilize the best of each season’s harvest of fruits, berries and rhubarb to make specialty wines in the traditions of their European heritages. Two Fools Vineyard also makes wines from familiar varietals grown in some of the country’s most prestigious wine grape growing regions.