2012 Wine List



Red Grape Wines

Listed from driest to sweetest.


It’s deep garnet color complements the distinctive aroma and inviting palate of currants, plums and chocolate. U of MN hybrid grape. Serve cool room temp.

$11  (750 ml)



A California grape vinted with Minnesota style. A medium bodied red wine, spicy with just the right amount of oak. Serve at cool room temperature.

$10  (750 ml)

Old World Red  

A Two Fools blend that has become a favorite of our red wine loving friends. Versatile and robust, aged in light toast French oak. Serve at cool room temp.

$10  (750 ml)

New World Red (Coming soon) Our special blend based on the U of MN varietal Marquette.  Serve at cool room temperature with any flavorful or spicy food. $11  (750 ml)

48th Parallel

Named for our northern location, this is a popular blend of the red grapes we grow here.  Rich, flavorful and grapey.  Sweeter than most reds, just like you wanted it             

$12  (750 ml)


Pink and popular!  Our Frontenac Rose’ is the perfect picnic, party or patio wine. Serve cold alone or with your favorite picnic foods, fruits or desserts.  Will one bottle be enough       

$10  (750 ml)

Rosé Picnic Pac

Be among the first to try our new environmentally friendly and convenient  Picnic Pac. This 1.5 L Pac equals 2 regular 750 ml bottles.  Lightweight and fun.    

$18  (1.5 L)


White Grape Wines

Listed from driest to sweetest.

French Colombard

Dry, crisp and fruity, with distinct floral aroma.                                    $9  (750 ml)


Prairie Schooner

A blend of our Minnesota white grapes.  Beautifully balanced. Great with food or alone.  Serve chilled.

$9  (750 ml)

Frontenac Gris

A Minnesota grown favorite.  Tasters say it has the flavor of apricot, peach or tropical fruit.  You decide!  Serve chilled.                $11  (750 ml)


La Crescent

Minnesota hybrid variety.  Fresh and fruity.  Great with light foods, fruit and cheese.  Serve chilled. $11  (750 ml)



A Two Fools favorite.  Semi-sweet and flavorful.  Welcome at any celebration.

$10  (750 ml)



American hybrid grape originating in Delaware , Ohio.  Party in Minnesota with Delaware!  Sweet and fresh. $9  (750 ml)



We will be offering approximately five different wines for free tasting each weekend.

Fruit Wines

Listed from lighter and off-dry to sweeter and more dessert style.


Fresh strawberries and red rhubarb create this delightful fruity wine.  Sweet and tart!  How do we do it?  With the best possible fruit and lots of patience!         

$12  (750 ml)

Blackberry Grape

This wine offers the rich, smooth taste of ripe blackberries and ripe red grapes. Serve cold.  This wine converts beer drinkers to wine lovers.                                       

$11  (750 ml)


Dessert Wines

San Paulo

Our port style wine.  Aging this Frontenac based dessert wine for years and years in oak barrels helped to bring out the flavors that won it a Gold Medal this spring in international competition.   Most wineries won’t let you sample their port.  We won’t either………unless you ask!      

$18  (375 ml)


Prices subject to change.